Money Genie – IS IT LEGIT ?

Money genie

Hi guys, For today, I will be reviewing this highly requested site called Money Genie. Money Genie is one of those influencer networks which pay you based on how many people you invite to their website. Money Genie is one of those sites where it pays off when you have a ton of followers on social media. The more people you know, the more money you can make. So without further ado, let’s get into it and my experience trying out Money Genie.

Let’s Get into it …

So at first, Even with all the doubts I had in my mind, I signed up to become part of this site. At sign up, they ask for simple things like my name and my email and address and desired password. I was waiting for them to ask for my credit card information, but they did not do so, which was nice for a change. Most of these quick 500 dollar scams always hit you with hidden fees, so you end up losing instead of gaining.

Signing Up

After signing up, I was taken to the dashboard. The information that was provided to me in my dashboard was my referral link and tracking my work and how much I earned, which at the moment was zero. I was ready to get to work. So apparently, what I had to do to gain money was to share my referral link to as many people I can think of. And have them sign up under my link. Sounds simple right? It was.

Time to start….

So I started sharing my link, and while I was doing so, I noticed that I was earning money. Aside from sharing a link, Money Genie also has several offers you can do to make more money. You complete those tasks, and you get closer to cashing out. The more people that joined under my link, the more money I had seen on my dashboard. It was a fulfilling sensation, made me want to share more so I can keep earning.


Now it was time for me to cash out. I was ready to get my money, so I put it in my request to receive my earnings. Money Genie has various ways you can get your money, such as Cash App, PayPal, Mailed checks, and even bitcoins. How sweet! Immediately after putting my request to cash out, They had sent me a confirmation, and then I received my payment. I was elated to find out that it was legit because now I have a side job.

Final Verdict

My Final Verdict on Money Genie, obviously, is that it is legit. I was paid the amount I was promised, and so were many others. Money Genie provides payment proofs of lots of people and reading around, and people seem to love Money Genie. I certainly recommend it; You can make lots of money there. This will conclude my review on Money Genie; it checks out and is safe to use.

Money Genie

No Charge

Cashing out





  • Free
  • Simple
  • What you do is what you get
  1. Money Genie is such a great network to join. This is one of the best experiences with an influencer network that you’re going to get. The support team is phenomenal and they get your problem fixed immediately.

  2. My home was in foreclosure and i was in a panic to find housing for my 3 children. I had a 3,000 follower fan base and this site has blessed me. This has become my main source of income and i’m in love with my job. Most people don’t believe that you could make money on the net but i proved them wrong.

  3. Working from home has never been so easy. Deadass never made this much money from my 9 to 5. Thank you Money Genie :3

  4. I love how they pay out so quickly! I got paid $500 daily every day last week because i posted my unique referral link on my story.

  5. I love how they pay out so fast! My first week at Money Genie and i just couldn’t believe it. Theres no way that a website could pay so high.

  6. I couldn’t afford to buy dog food for my poodle named Jessika. With Money Genie i have been able to buy soo much dog food for my girl ❤️

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