Cash Crates – Money During the Coronavirus Crisis!

Stuck At Home ?

Looking for online employment during “quarantine”? Have you, like many others, been forced to leave your workplace? Are you able to work from your day job at home? Do you have kids who you still have to support and now watch during the day?Earn and go in quarantine

Well, I was put in your position once the coronavirus reached my city. While I may have stopped working, those bills certainly haven’t and I was left in need of a job. I started by looking online and at first it seemed pointless. Too many websites, none with real opportunity. That is, until I found this great site called Cash Crates. 

I know you may be skeptical to trust me, especially during a worldwide pandemic, but I can only vouch with my experience and the experience of many others. 


Cash Crates and Me!

I found the website and was cautious to proceed forward, as I felt as though I wouldn’t be able to earn enough money quick enough. How wrong was I! I signed up after reading through their process, and evaluating the various payment proofs on their site, and was greeted with a bonus, just from signing-up. With the corona virus taking up a majority of my bank savings, this bonus was a sweet surprise. 

What is Cash Crates?

The first question I asked when I found out about Cash Crates was “what is it?” 

The business plan is fail-safe! If you’ve ever given any thought to how social media influencers make so much just from posting pictures and sharing on feeds, then you’ll understand just how valuable any following is. Cash Crates gives you full access into your earning potential, using your following through your shares and promotional posts to connect you to advertisers.

Cash Crates, from my research, is an ad-based networking site that allows normal, everyday people to tap into the advertising potential held by many top-ranking businesses. In simpler terms, Cash Crates gives you the power to become an advertiser or influencer, earning money on the go from your social media following. Cash Crates has been an established influencer network for years now, partnering with many large corporations, which ease the process.


Does it work ?

This question is one of the most important. Why work on something that isn’t valuable during this time? Well, Cash Crates is a lucrative site. Depending on your following and your reach, you can earn in the hundreds. Daily. The more people you reach with Cash Crates, the more earning potential you have. 

The most important factor I found in reaching the most of this earning potential was the referral link. This shareable link is key to earning on this site. I suggest sending this link as far and wide as possible, as this is how you generate web traffic for advertisers.

The more people you can show something too, the greater the chance of someone using that product (hence why billboards are such great advertisements also). That’s why Instagram influencers are paid thousands per post. 

If you apply this to basic social media networks such as Instagram, the accounts with the most followers have the greatest reach, as they give advertisers visibility to millions of accounts.

But, the other ways to make money derive from their task wall. On this wall are a number of offers that you complete to earn. I think it’s up to $30 for each task completed. I found this to be a quick way to earn, while waiting on others to gain you referrals and clicks.  Later on, this actually became my favorite way to earn. Being able to earn without relying on the referrals I was receiving. Also, some of the tasks are astronomically simple, and I was able to do most of them twice. 


To finish it off, the corona virus does not seem like it is going away anytime soon which is only going to make our financial situations worse. Having no job means no money coming and all of our bills will just pile up one by one. Cash Crates is the solution for now. During this time of hardship and struggle we can use Cash Crates to make money that will get us through this time. It is a legit site that actually pays its workers. I know I will continue using this website, as it has become my temporary job for now. There are other websites out there that promise you money but they end up being a scam. Cash Crates is a rarity amongst its competitors in the sense that they actually pay you, I can attest to that and so can others.



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