StudentsEarnCash is a SCAM? The Truth about StudentsEarnCash


Hello to everyone reading this! I am happy to introduce you to what has been my and what could be your greatest online money-earning site. If you are a student, or anyone with any sort of education, this is StudentsEarnCash! I am writing this as a way to assert that StudentsEarnCash is a legit way to make money as a student. It is my job to look through, and personally try out any ways to make money online, and see if they’re worth our time. 

What is StudentsEarnCash?

First of all, what a great looking and organized website! From the homepage of StudentsEarnCash, you can just feel the authenticity. They make it easy and straight to the point, offering sign-up options right on the front! What I love is their cute little piggy bank logo, a nice nod to the “student” demographic. Anyways, StudentsEarnCash allows basically anyone* to make money, through the use of surveys and apps. They bring in a long list of brands and companies that back them and provide the money that backs them. 

StudentsEarnCash payments

StudentsEarnCash Proof

And wow is that money good! StudentsEarnCash offers a bonus just for signing up ($30 at the time of this writing), and that’s just a snippet of the potential of your earnings. Now, continuing down their homepage, you can find real user comments and testimonies about their efforts with StudentsEarnCash, and you’ll see just how much people are actually making! StudentsEarnCash makes it clear how you’re earning, giving you a breakdown of how to earn with them as well. I really appreciated this, as it gave more of an authentic feel to working online. I could earn as much as I wanted, using the steps and tools they provided. 

Signing Up 

Sign up for StudentsEarnCash

After you sign up, with only an email address may I add, you’re directed to your main user dashboard. The main dashboard is your money center. You’ll find everything you need in relation to your money here on this dashboard. It’s in an app layout, making it easy to maneuver and get to where you want to.

How To Earn on StudentsEarnsCash

How To Earn


StudentsEarnCash gives you a referral link, basically an affiliate code, on sign-up. The link allows people to sign up to their website, while giving you a bonus and commission on their account. The more people you invite, the more earnings for you, which is great! This can be even more profitable in a school environment, where there are thousands of potential referrals through classmates, dormmates, or friends. StudentsEarnCash also pays you for clicks on this referral link, about $2 for just someone clicking on it. StudentsEarnCash offers earning through tasks and social media posts as well.


These tasks are completing surveys, and downloading apps. They are the absolute most profitable thing on StudentsEarnCash, as the reward value for the task is insane. You can earn up to $50 off a simple survey. The surveys honestly can be your saving grace, because it takes maybe the least amount of work. Think about it, five surveys can make you upwards of $200, and their list of surveys is basically never ending. It’s more than just surveys as there are also apps to download. Games, calendars, just things that need user attention are available as a task to get paid for doing. 


This is brand engagement. Brands pay StudentsEarnCash to bring in users, which in turn is how you get paid. StudentsEarnCash chooses to pay students, as you are the most in tune with mobile surveys and apps! If you know anything about ad revenue, then you should understand why this works! 


StudentsEarnCash has been the best way to make money for a long time and they show this through their efforts to make everything as seamless as possible. They offer support through their account managers, help videos, and FAQ pages. They make earning money online as friendly as possible and real as possible, without the physical. 

Payment from StudentsEarnCash

Payments from StudentsEarnCash

Getting paid from StudentsEarnCash is the next great part of them! Their payment process is easy and straightforward. Once you reach your goals, you can cash out to any of their offered payment methods. You can get paid through any of the major online payment methods, such as PayPal or even Venmo, or you can request for a physical, mailed check. StudentsEarnCash is flexible with their payments, as you can earn up to what you want, and payout when you want. This can be especially useful as a student, a respectable aspect of their system. 


 I can audibly support StudentsEarnCash as I view it as a solid way to make money online, for students or otherwise. Sign up today! Get started on what could be the best economic decision for you. 



Cashing out



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