CashJunky: Is it another SCAM?


Cash Junky Verified Legit

Hey guys, welcome back to the infamous blog, Scam Locator. Here at Scam Locator our job is to locate scam websites and point them out to you guys or we can find legitimate websites as well and inform the public too but that happens on rare occasions. I wonder if today will be another one of those rare legit days. Today I will be reviewing CashJunky.


What is CashJunky?


CashJunky is one of those survey sites that pays you for doing work online. CashJunky was established some years ago. Has developed a name for themselves through time and people seem to be talking a a great deal about it. During this review I will be discussing different aspects of the website such as their legitimacy, structure, and features. My first impression of it was a good one, they website looked professionally done. Which is usually a good sign. When developers take their time on their craft, usually means a great deal to them. 

Sign Up

SignUp CashJunky

After going through the website and just reviewing it, it was time to experience it firsthand.  I signed up. The sign up process was quite simple. I gave them my name and my email address and that was all. I was surprised that the process was quick and easy because with most of these other websites they want as much information as possible. CashJunky did not require me to put in any credit or debit card information to sign up. It was a bit refreshing. 

The Dashboard

After sign up, I was immediately redirected to a user-friendly dashboard. The dashboard had all of the necessary components in order to be successful on this website. Components such as my current stats like how much money I have earned so far, how many people I have referred and also how many tasks I completed or have to complete. This made the process very easy and fun actually. It was so well-organized. Kept me on track as to where I was and where I needed to be in order to get this money.

How to make money on CashJunky?

How To Make Money On CashJunky

Money making is the reason why we all here today. Making money on CashJunky was quite simple. Just like all other survey sites, you can make money in many different ways.


The first way to make money on CashJunky was sharing a referral link. Every time you share your referral link and have someone else sign up under it, you are paid. This was one of the easiest ways to make money in my opinion because I have lots of family and friends.


Tasks And Offers CashJunky

The Dashboard also shows you all of the offers and tasks that the website provides in order for you to complete and also earn money from. These tasks were simple and generally took 5 to 10 mins to complete. The Money in exchange for the amount of work was well worth it. I also had fun completing the offers. They would happen to be games sometimes and it was addictive.

Social Media

Social media

You can also earn money by spreading the word on social media. You can get paid for posting about this website. Which is also one of the easiest ways to make money on the website. All of the ways to make money are easy.

Do you really get paid ?


It is now the moment of truth. CashJunky to my surprise, actually does keep their end of the bargain and pay you the full amount that you work for. They pay in various different forms. The one you are most comfortable with is always the best option. I was paid via CashApp. I was genuinely surprised when I was paid from the website, as I was expecting to be scammed out of my time. It was a nice relief to be actually paid from this website.

The cool part about it is that you get paid for how ever much you work for. You determine your hours and your paycheck. Which is basically the coolest job ever.

My Final Word On CashJunky

Alright so there you have it guys. CashJunky is legit. After thorough review and first hand experience, CashJunky is exactly what it details to be. I advise you guys to try it out and earn as much as you can. You can get paid a good amount if you dedicate yourself to it. CashJunky allowed me to make a lot of money on the side and I will continue doing so and so should you. 




Cashing out



  1. i believe that cashjunky is a really great way to make extra money when you really need it it’s probably one of the funnest easiest ways to make some extra money and nothing major and gives you great options on different ways to make money

  2. Everyone, please do not give up. I have seen the reviews on instagram…. So many people have cashed out. I have even seen the proof on instagram❤
    All I can say is wow….

  3. I thought it was a scam at first, I was a tad skeptical but it really does work and it is kind of fun to download some of the games and playing for only a few seconds but it’s worth it!

  4. You will receive your money . So don’t hesitate to click the link and start making money . Simple surveys , apps and more can get you the extra cash you need

  5. I was so hesitant at first myself, but after seeing the $ accumulating and watching the person who referred me cash out… I’m a true believer!

  6. I’m glad that this site is not a scam like some of those other sites, you do a lot of surveys with no real pay out or none at all

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