RoyaltyBucks is a BIG SCAM?

RoyaltyBucks Verified Legit

Hey guys, welcome back to the blog. Today I want to cover a popular website that I have been seeing going crazy these past few days. A you all know, I review survey sites and other websites to see if they are legit and make you the money they promise you. Today’s culprit is this website by the name of RoyaltyBucks. I will be researching and recording information on whether or not this website is as legitimate as it claims to be. Tune in for further insight and results on this website. Now let’s start from the very beginning. 

What is RoyaltyBucks ?


RoyaltyBucks is one of those survey sites that pays you for various different activities. You can complete tasks and offers in order to gain money. You can also earn money by sharing a referral link. For each person you refer to the site you are paid a certain amount. Such an easy task, if this turns out to be legit I’m going to have my grandmother making money from her retirement home. 

First Impressions 



If you are anything like me, first impressions means everything to you as it does to me. The certain vibe I get will determine whether or not I will put my trust into something. With RB my instincts were telling me that it was trustworthy. Off of first impression the website seemed very articulate and well organized. You can tell the developers spent their time perfecting their craft and it really paid off. This website is absolutely beautiful. And caught my attention off of first look. Which is really important because it will allow me to go into this journey easily instead of being very skeptical. That way I can enjoy all aspects of this website. 

What do you do on RoyaltyBucks? 


Your job on RoyaltyBucks is very simple and easy. There are just two things you can do to begin profiting, joining and sharing your referral link. This website gives you your very own referral link that can share with others throughout all social media websites. To get your referral link all you have to do is join RB. Not long after you get your link, at that point you’re prepared to make some simple money. 

Sign Up 

Sign Up RB

The signup process for RoyaltyBucks was very easy as everything else is for this website. You simply enter your first and last name, your desired username and password and also your email address. Easy as 123. After signing up you are immediately redirected to the user friendly dashboard and all of its beauty. The dashboard holds all of your information needed in order to be successful with this thing. You use the dashboard to understand your next steps  while also knowing your current progress. It’s a good tool that you can use to your advantage.



Sharing your referral link is a major part in your money making journey. Simply share your link to all of your friends and family and have them join under your link. You earn money for every person that joins under your link. But if you try and cheat the system you are subject to being penalized heavily. 


The offers on RB are simple as well. The tasks can sometimes be as simple as downloading an app or even filling out an online survey. Your pay varies per offer based on the amount of work needed to complete that offer. Either way, this is easy money once again. To be paid for simply downloading apps is a big WIN and I never want to stop winning. Neither should you. 

Payment Process 

Now for the most important part of this blog. Did all this work pay off? Did I get paid from RB? When it comes to getting paid from RB, the process is a rapid one. All you have to do is put in the payment request and in no time you will receive your funds. RB offers different payment methods such as Paypal, Cashapp, Venmo & even mailed checks. I got paid in no time and was elated when I saw that I actually got paid. Most of these websites end up scamming you but this was different.  


RoyaltyBucks Final

To sum it all up, RoyaltyBucks is a legitimate earning website. You can earn as much as thousands in only a day. Imagine how much you can earn in a lifetime if you chose to do this as a full time job or even a job on the side. RoyaltyBucks can earn you lots of money. I am relieved that this is not a scam. I will keep using it.

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