Cash Clout Review: is it a scam or legit?

Hey guys, welcome to the blog.Usually what we do here is write reviews on survey sites and determine whether they are legitimate or fraudulent/scams. Today I will be reviewing a website by the name of Cash Clout. 


Cash Clout


$200 plus a day


Free to join!

Age Limit:

No Age Limits


  • Can earn lots within a short period

  • Fast and fun

  • Can earn from the comfort of your own home




What is Cash Clout? 


CashClout Logo

Cash Clout is a survey site just like any other.

You complete offers in exchange for money and can also share a special referral link for cash as well.

They pay a certain amount for everyone that joins the website under the referral link.

It is a sweet deal, if it turns out to be legitimate. 

Signing Up 

Sign Up


I signed up for Cash Clout, and it was easy.

All they asked for was my name and email address, and that is the exact information I provided to them.

Quickly, after signup, the website was redirected to the dashboard.

The dashboard kept track of my progress.

Informed me of the money that I earned and the tasks that I have completed. 


How to earn on Cash Clout? 

What to do on Cash Clout

Earning on Cash Clout is simple and easy. There are several different ways you can earn money on the website.

The first being clicks and referrals.

You are given a referral link after signing up and what you are to do with this link is share it with as many people as you can.

The more people that click and join under your link, the more money you will make.

The second way to earn money on the website is by using social media.

An opportunity is given to get paid for spreading the word out on all social sites.

Posting about the website results into payment. Last but not least, tasks and offers.

Complete tasks and offers to get paid as well.

These tasks are usually quick surveys or even downloading apps. It is very simple. All three ways are all doable. 



Questions about Cash Clout

I know lots of people have questions and concerns about this website, as do I.

On their homepage they answer a lot of frequently asked questions that can help ease our minds.

Also, they provide real life support. They assign a manager that you can get in contact with if you are having trouble with anything.

If problems ever arise, there are numerous methods of going about a reasonable solution. 


Background Info 


I did some background research on Cash Clout and they have quite the reputation.

They have been around for a while and built up an enormous following.

They’re several people online who can attest to being paid and still are being paid from this website till this day.

With an image like that it is no wonder why this website has been buzzing for a while. 


Payment Methods

When it comes to being paid, Cash Clout has an abundance of methods of doing so.

Payment is based on personal preference whether it be Paypal, CashApp, or even bitcoin.

You name and they will do it for you.

Also it helps that the payment process is quick and simple.

There is no intricate process, Just put in the request and you shall receive. 

Cash Clout also provides proofs of payment on their homepage just incase of any doubts:

Cash Clout Cash Clout Cash Clout Cash Clout


Final Verdict On Cash Clout

Legit check

As you can tell, Cash Clout is legit.

There is not much more to be said that hasn’t been said already.

I seriously recommend each and every one of you reading this right now to go over and sign up at this very moment.

Have to seize moments like these and take advantage of the opportunities given.

Join Cash Clout today and earn as much as you would like to!


  • Can earn lots within a short period

  • Fast and fun

  • Can earn from the comfort of your own home

Cash Clout Rating

Cash Clout


Cashing out



  1. Thanks for the information on this pay site it’s always good to get more than one person’s opinion going to have to do a little bit more research but thank you for your time.

  2. To tell you the truth I didn’t trust this, but as I go on with Surveys was getting better and more. Love this

  3. I agree that Cash Clout is an amazing system to make money quick & easily! It is fun, free, & your article is 100% true. Can’t wait to grow with you Clout chasers! 🤑💕

  4. I have just recently joined and by doing simple things like social posts and simple tasks i have been easily putting in some bucks this is putting some positive thoughts in my mind i really hope its legit because i havent yet cashed out

  5. Cash clout is amazing! Thank you! Good income for students, someone looking for a second job, or if you’re currently out of a job! Hop on cash clout

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