EarnCashTo: is it legit or a scam?

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This blog was written with the intention to help you navigate through online money-making scams, and reveal the real ones for you. I search through all the ones that are brought to my attention, and personally try them out myself. I experience the heartache and pain so that you don’t have to. In this entry, I’ll be telling you about my experience with EarnCashTo, which turns out to be as legit as can be.

What is EarnCashTo?

What is EarnCashTo?

EarnCashTo’s process of earning can be simplified into three main steps. You sign up, invite friends, and test out surveys and apps. That’s really it.

From my research and experience, EarnCashTo is an online affiliate networking site that incorporates the topics of ad revenue to create a large network of affiliates (their users) and organizations that require advertising.

This is why they are able to pay such a large and broad range of users. Social media marketing is a big part of the modern age, and EarnCashTo uses it for our benefit.

Your social media accounts and presence are tools in advertising, giving you value to the company. With ECT, you can earn cash to… to do anything really. 

Based on what I’ve seen, EarnCashTo is a real, backed company. They have a complete terms and conditions page and privacy policy. I liked how honest they are about what they do and what information they use.

On their website, they have reviews and video testimonies from real users, adding to their legitimacy.

I liked this a lot as I was looking at a real person and experiencing their earning with my eyes. 

Working with EarnCashTo!

Signing Up

Sign Up

Signing up is the first main step in your money-earning journey, and all you need is an email address to do so. After you sign up, you are brought to your “hub”. This dashboard shows you how much you’re earning or have earned.

What I like most about EarnCashTo is their look admittedly (the money is a good runner-up). There are multiple ways to get to your most frequently used pages, like the social posts and your cash out method on the home dashboard.

You can also access anything through the menu. It makes it easier for all users to get where they want to go as fast as possible, no time wasted. 

Inviting Friends


Inviting friends has to be the easiest way I’ve ever earned. Ever. Like in my lifetime. You can invite as many people as you want. From friends, family members, to even co-workers, no discrimination here.

EarnCashTo gives you a referral link that is linked to your account. You share this link, and you earn. Simple. It doesn’t matter whether someone clicks or signs up with it, either way you’re earning.

They’re basically handing you money at this point. You also need to post on social media about EarnCashTo, which is where your social media presence comes handy.

This can be the best tool to earn these needed clicks and referrals. 

Surveys and Apps


To the probably most important part: testing apps and completing surveys. EarnCashTo has a whole wall full of app downloads and offers to complete.

These are usually completed in the form of surveys that you simply go through, at no cost to you. You can also review ads, and read blogs to earn, a great second way of earning, allowing everyone to earn, whether they want to sit down or be mobile.

The apps can be downloaded with a mobile device (phone, tablet), and all you really need to do is download them, and run them for maybe a couple of minutes. 

This will be the easiest money you earn, as these can be games that you can play forever. You’re making money by playing games. 


EarnCashTo Payment methods

The part that everyone waits for is the payment part. Yes, I can attest that you do really get paid from EarnCashTo. It’s in their name. You did your job, now earn from it. 

You can choose from a wide selection of payment methods, with instant cash outs when you choose to do so.

If you want a peek of what you can earn, just look at the payments sent in from other members, that are sent in as a thank you, but also as proof to other potential users who may be in your shoes. 

There are scam sites that claim to do what EarnCashTo does, but if you look at their construction, they are really young and/or are simply copies of better websites.

ECT is completed, well thought out, and received well by hundreds of thousands of users. I wouldn’t be writing this blog if I wasn’t a satisfied member.

Final Note


If you want to make money simply and without hassle, then EarnCashTo will be right for you. 

EarnCashTo does what they claim to do, paying you to do what is beneficial work. The profit potential of marketing is so high, that is in an open ceiling for everyone who joins. Don’t miss out on what could be the best opportunity for you. 

All you really need is knowledge of how to navigate an internet-capable device, and a social media account somewhere (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat), and you should be fine. 

Leave a comment down below about your experience with EarnCashTo! I really enjoy reading all the ways that a site like this helps people.



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  1. I have also fallen in love with network marketing, it’s one of the easiest things to do ever!!! Just refer friends and family then boom cash. Who knew making money could be as easy as snapping your fingers. Thumbs up for ECT

  2. This was a fun read and very informative. It was not too long but told me everything I need to know about ect.

  3. It was really fun reading this it gave me a clear picture about the website at first I thought it was a scam but I took a risk anyway thank so much 😊

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