Is Internet Addiction real?

Hey guys welcome back to the blog, Today I want to speak on one of the hardest addictions in today’s age: the internet. You can easily be addicted to the internet. You have to find a safe balance between the worldwide web and real life. It is important you get that balance for your mental health sake. Internet addiction is very common and actually a serious thing. Last thing you want to do is be obsessed in a world where you can’t control what happens. 

Internet AddictionThe digital drug: Internet addiction

Being addicted to the web is dangerous for your mental health and also physical health. Although the internet can be a place where you go to get your laughs in and all that but there are people who get laughed at. The internet can be ruthless from cyber bullying to doxing and more. So it is imperative that you make sure to set time aside to do things that do not involve online interaction. Go to the gym, go outside, hang out with some friends. But staying online for more than 3 hours a day can really mess with you mental. 


Slacking Off

Also Internet Addiction can lead to you slacking elsewhere such as work and school. When you become addicted to something , most of your attention is focused on that one aspect. You no longer make time for things that should matter such as work and school. 

Confused Perception

Confused perception Internet causes

When you’re on the internet 24/7 you can tend to mix up the internet with reality. You start thinking about things that you see on the internet and start doing them in real life. Even though in real life those things are completely unacceptable, on the internet as long as it gets some laughs you think you should do it as well and that is a major concern . 

Take breaks

Take Frequent Breaks

Basically what I’m saying is you should always keep track of the time you spend on the internet because it can get addictive. Once you go down that path it will be hard to come back up. So when you are working or doing your school work online just make sure you take breaks and get active in the real world. 

So if you are reading this, get off of this. Put the phone away, close the laptop, turn off the computer and go move around. Interacting with people in real life is way more fun and enjoyable. Thank you for reading this entry, although it is online lol. Write down in the comments below how you feel about this topic.


  1. I guess y’all have to take a break every now and then but not all addiction is a bad thing though.

  2. The dossier determines whether something is harmful. I think internet withdrawal triggers addictive behavior in a lot of people.

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