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Hey there, welcome back to the blog! Today we’ll be talking about Apple’s latest keynote and their new product. This has been highly requested so I’ll be sure to include as much as possible. Apple is always coming out with new products meaning It’s great to have you all back so let’s not waste any more time. 

What Has Apple Released Now?

Every Apple product launching in fall 2021

It’s that magical time of the year again, no not Christmas – trust me this is far more disappointing. In their usual timing, Apple unveils their greatest products yet. I know there was a load of speculation about what the new iPhone could look like and do, but as usual Apple played it safe. I’d say this is just another one of their schemes to take our money. Each year they release new products that are hardly worth it’s hype and price. This time Apple has seemed to strike several nerves with most of its audience. There are 3 main reasons why Apple critics aren’t happy with the new releases and I’ll be telling you why. 

iPhone 13

Apple iPhone 13 Pro -

One reason why Apple critics aren’t happy with their new release is because of their lack of creativity. Apple users along with myself are tired of paying for overpriced phones from the previous year. The new iPhone 13 lineup is almost exactly like its last one. The major difference between the new one and the old one is that Apple has shrunken the notch on the display and increased it’s camera size. Aside from those two factors the company basically released the same exact phone. 

The second reason why people aren’t content with Apple’s new releases is because of its price. Apple is known for charging consumers relatively hefty prices for any of their products. This time folks aren’t too willing to pay the extra cash for their newest laptop which’ll cost around 2000 dollars. Apple loves to attach big price tags on items that they’ll inevitably improve and toss to the side the following year. 

The third reason why Apple credits aren’t happy with the new releases is because many are not able to even get it. Many Apple users know to pre-order their devices instead of waiting the very day of, so that they can get their hands on it first. But lately even those who pre-ordered their products were told that shipping would be delayed by three weeks from the time purchased. This type of delay makes users not even want a new phone simply because of the inconvenience it causes to receive it. 

Overall iPhone Review

Apple iPhone 13

In conclusion I would say that Apple‘s new release is not worth the money. If anything it would’ve been best for them to release the phone as an “S model” instead of an entirely new option. Apple has made some fantastic products in the past and I have no doubt that they will make them even more in the future. But as of right now it’s best to wait until next year so that you can see exactly what Apple has in store.

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