PaidCashTo Scam or NO? Read this review to find out

Is PaidCashTo a legitimate website that you can trust ? Read this review on PaidCashTo to find out whether or not it is a trustworthy website. 

What is PaidCashTo? 

PaidCashTo is an online based platform that allows users to make money online by completing several tasks. These tasks involve but are not limited to sharing content to social media, completing surveys online, downloading new apps and games, and also sharing a referral link. 

According to their website, PCT has been around for several years now and claims to have helped hundreds of thousands of members make money online. This blog’s purpose is to find out whether that is the truth or is it a lie. Is PaidCashTo just a scam?

How does PaidCashTo work ?

The way this website works is not that intricate. After signing up with PaidCashTo, there is a dashboard that immediately organizes the tasks and activities to complete in order to gain money. As stated earlier, PCT offers various ways to earn money. 

How do you earn money with PaidCashTo?


The first way is completing surveys. Located in the dashboard, there is an offer center that shows all offers and surveys that are available to complete. These surveys are quick and easy, and can generally take up to 5-10 minutes to complete. Payment for these tasks can range as well. 


Downloading apps is another way you can earn money with PaidCashTo. Apps are accessible in the same way that surveys are, in the offer center. Usually what would consist of completing this task is to download new apps and games and reach a certain level in order to receive completion. 


A third way to earn money is posting content online. Posting content online related to the website is a major key in earning. The content must provide information about the website of some sort. 


The final and one of the most important ways to earn on the website is by using a referral link. Users are awarded a referral link upon sign up. The purpose of this link is to share it everywhere with the intent of having others sign up under it. Users are rewarded $25 for every new sign up with the referral link. 

PaidCashTo Features: 

  • Earn money for simple tasks
  • Earn money for sharing a referral link 
  • Users get paid cash to complete offers such as downloading new apps and filling out surveys 
  • Get paid to post content online about the website. 
  • Get paid for signing up onto the website.


Pros : 

  • Earn $25 for signing up onto the website 
  • Earn money for completing simple and easy tasks 
  • Get paid for as much as you work 
  • Earn money from the comfort of your own home or on the go 
  • PaidCashTo offers several different payment methods such as Paypal,CashApp,Venmo,Bitcoin and more. 

Cons : 

  • No App available in the app store just yet . 


Is PaidCashTo a scam ? 

The most important segment of this article is finding out whether or not this company is a legitimate option to earn money online or if it is a scam. After doing plenty of research online, this website has quite the reputation. PaidCashTo is in fact very much a legit earning opportunity in 2022. There are tons of people online who pledge to be paid by the website and continue to do so.


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