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Hey guys welcome back to the blog and today we will be reviewing the website SurveyJ and finding out if it is just scamming their members into believing it a real website or not. SurveyJ is believed to be a survey site that allows members to make money online by completing surveys and downloading apps and sharing a link but do you actually get paid for doing so ? Keep reading to find out whether or not SurveyJ is actually legit or should you quit


What Is SurveyJ?


SurveyJ is just like the thousands of other survey sites out there that pledge to earn you money online by filling out easy surveys online. SJ claims to have paid over thousands of members but I rarely see any presence of them online and the ones I do see are bad news. Earning with SJ is an easy task, all you have to do is sign up online and complete surveys. 

Is it a scam ? 


SurveyJ online reviews tell you that they are an untrustworthy site to be aware of. Aside from the few reviews of them online there aren’t many good ones. Only proof of people getting paid from them is on their website which can be fabricated. All signs are leading to this survey site being a complete scam but let’s not give up hope yet and find out whether or not it’s a scam or not. 


What others are saying about SurveyJ? 


If you look online, SurveyJ’s reputation is not very much known but the ones that do know about them suggest that they are just a big scam. SJ is a complete waste of time and if you are considering earning with them I suggest you find a new website because SurveyJ is a big SCAM. Thank you for reading this entry.


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